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About The Company

Ananta Futuristic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 


Depends only on Process and not on Persons. We are bound to provide automated software solutions to augment the overall efficiency of Business.

Our Organization  is 4 years old  but our services are  incontestable. Transforming the  core values,  of a group of  elite professionals from Finance & Accounts, IT, Marketing with more than 35 years of experience ,  into  software solutions business.  We understand the challenges by the present industries in attaining time bound targets with zero defect results.  Our automated software solutions tools for various activities such as Accounting ERP, GST, E-Invoicing, E-Way Bill, Inventory Management, Production & Planning, Warehouse Management, Fixed Assets, Payroll, HRMS and  CRM,  will definitely help the Business to achieve the Goals and maintenance of fool proof records.

Our Philosophy

At Ledgers24, we see our benefit in our Customer’s delightedness and Profit. We measure success by the satisfaction of our customers. With this vision, we are always willing to change our ways/ processes to suit our Customer’s dynamic requirements.

Company Vision

Our vision is to serve all our stake holders with high integrity to ensuring them to partnering with us through out and creating a conducive working culture to make all employees pride without any discrimination towards cast, creed or gender.

Company Mission

Our effort will always be in line with our core values, trustworthy,  to supply  the excellent products and services. 

Business Insights

About Ledgers24

Ledgers24 is a cloud-based accounting software & Business ERP application and offer a robust module specifically dedicated to the management of a complete set of books with Integrated modules. From recording transactions to generating multiple key financial reports, This software enables you to maintain a comprehensive and accurate set of books. With seamless integration into the overall ERP system, you can easily access and update financial data, ensuring consistency and real-time visibility across various departments. Our below key modules also facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements and simplifies the auditing process, providing a reliable information for financial reporting, analysis and timely decision-making within organization.


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