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Unlocking Financial Precision: The General Ledger and Its Key Features

Welcome to the heart of financial management – the General Ledger. At our company, we take pride in offering a comprehensive General Ledger system designed to elevate your financial control and reporting capabilities. Let’s delve into what a General Ledger is and the key features that make our services stand out:

Understanding the General Ledger

A general ledger is the backbone of any accounting system. It is a record of all the financial transactions of a business, organized into accounts that reflect the different types of assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, and expenses. The general ledger is used to produce financial statements, such as the balance sheet and income statement.

Key Features of Our General Ledger Services

  • Create Journal Vouchers:

            Easily record transactions by creating journal vouchers, providing a clear and organized record of financial activities.

  • Day Book Report:

           Generate a day book report to view all transactions for a specific day, enabling real-time monitoring of financial activities.

  • Trial Balance Report:

           Access a trial balance report to verify the accuracy of accounting records and ensure the equality of debits and credits.

  • Financials (Balance Sheet and P/L):

           Generate comprehensive financial statements, including the balance sheet and income statement, to gain insights into the company’s financial health.

  • Upload Bank Statement:

           Seamlessly import bank statements directly into the general ledger, simplifying bank reconciliation and streamlining financial record-keeping.

  • Bank Reconciliation:

           Perform quick and accurate bank reconciliations to identify and resolve discrepancies between the company’s records and bank statements.

  • Cash Withdrawn & Deposit Transactions:

           Track cash withdrawals and deposits with ease, ensuring accurate recording and accounting for cash transactions.

  • Daily/Monthly Summaries of Accounts:

           Generate daily or monthly summaries of accounts to gain insights into financial trends and identify areas for improvement.

           Access a comprehensive dashboard of business insights, providing a real-time overview of the company’s financial performance and key metrics.

Why Choose Our General Ledger: Dashboard of Business Insights Services?

  • Accuracy and Efficiency:

           Our General Ledger services prioritize accuracy, ensuring that your financial records truly reflect your business activities.

  • User-Friendly Interface:

           Enjoy a seamless experience with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making financial management a breeze.

  • Data Security:

           Your financial data is of utmost importance. Rest assured, our systems employ robust security measures to keep your information safe.

  • Customized Reporting:

           Tailor your financial reports to match your specific needs, providing you with the insights that matter most.

In conclusion, our General Ledger services go beyond mere record-keeping. We are committed to empowering your business with the tools it needs for financial success. Join us on the journey towards precision and control in your financial management.

Greneral Ledger

Navigating Seamless Transactions: Unveiling Procure to Pay (P2P) and Its Key Features

Welcome to the streamlined world of Procure to Pay (P2P) – a robust process that seamlessly integrates purchasing and payment activities. At our company, we’re thrilled to offer a P2P system that not only simplifies but enhances your procurement and payment experiences. Let’s delve into what Procure to Pay is and the standout features our services bring to the table:

What’s Up with Procure to Pay (P2P)?
Think of Procure to Pay as your guide for the entire shopping and paying journey. It covers everything from deciding what to buy to actually sending out the payment, making sure everything flows smoothly.

Key Features of Procure to Pay

  • Automated Workflow:

             P2P automates tasks like getting approvals and creating purchase orders, making the process quicker and error-free.

  • Centralized Data Magic:

             All procurement data lands in one spot with P2P, giving you a clear view of spending and vendor relationships. It’s like having everything in one organized place.

  • Real-Time Tracking Goodness:

             P2P keeps tabs on the whole procurement journey in real-time – from the first request to the final payment. Spot issues, stay on top of spending – it’s your procurement GPS.

  • Compliance Made Simple:

             P2P ensures everyone plays by the rules. It enforces approval steps and keeps a detailed record, making compliance with internal policies and external rules a breeze.

Additional Features Offered by Ledgers24’s Procure to Pay

  • Invoice Booking with PO and Non-PO Based:

             Say goodbye to invoice chaos! Our system seamlessly books invoices, whether they’re tied to a purchase order (PO) or not.

  • Vendors Payments Tracking:

             Track your vendor payments effortlessly, ensuring you’re always in the loop about your financial commitments.

  • Vendors Advance Settlement With Purchase Invoices:

             Handle vendor advances like a pro! Our system enables seamless settlement with purchase invoices, making transactions a breeze.

  • Vendors Statement of Account:

             Get a crystal-clear view of your vendor transactions with detailed statements, promoting transparency and accountability.

  • Vendors Trial Report:

             Dive deep into vendor transactions with our trial report, helping you analyze and understand your vendor relationships better.

  • Vendors TDS Report:

             Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) doesn’t have to be a headache. Our TDS report ensures compliance and simplifies reporting.

  • Vendor Ageing Report:

             Stay on top of outstanding payments with our aging report, giving you a snapshot of your current payables.

  • Print Vouchers (Purchase, Bank/Cash, and Advance Payments Vouchers):

             Print professional vouchers effortlessly, covering purchase transactions, bank/cash movements, and advance payments.

  • Payment Forecasting:

             Predict your future payments with our forecasting feature, helping you plan and manage your cash flow effectively.

Why Our P2P Services Stand Out?

  • Effortless Transaction Management:

             From booking invoices to settling advances, our P2P services streamline every step of the transaction journey.

  • Vendor Relationship Mastery:

             Detailed reports and statements empower you to build stronger relationships with your vendors.

  • Tax Compliance Made Easy:

             Our TDS reports ensure that you’re always in line with tax regulations, reducing the stress of compliance.

  • Print-On-Demand Professionalism:

             Generate vouchers at your fingertips, adding a touch of professionalism to your financial documentation.

  • Cash Flow Control:

             Payment forecasting gives you the power to anticipate and manage your cash flow effectively.

Ready to elevate your procurement and payment game? Join us in the world of seamless transactions with our Procure to Pay services. Let’s make financial processes not just efficient but downright enjoyable!

Procure to Pay (P2P)

Accounts Receivable (AR) Overview:

Accounts Receivable (AR) refers to the outstanding invoices a company has, usually resulting from the sale of goods or services on credit. It represents the money owed to a business by its customers and is a crucial component of the company’s working capital.

Key Features of Accounts Receivable

  • Centralized Customer Data:

           AR systems consolidate customer information, including contact details, credit history, and transaction records, providing a comprehensive view of customer relationships.

  • Automated Billing and Payment Processes:

           AR automates invoice generation, payment processing, and dunning notices, reducing manual tasks and improving efficiency.

  • Credit Risk Management:

           AR systems assess customer creditworthiness, enabling informed credit decisions and minimizing bad debt risk.

  • Real-Time Insights:

           AR provides real-time visibility into customer payment status, cash flow trends, and aging debt, enabling proactive collection efforts.

Additional Features Offered by Ledgers24’s Accounts Receivable

  • Create Sales Order and Schedule Dispatches:
  1. Efficiently manage and process customer orders.
  2. Schedule and coordinate product or service deliveries.
  • Maker and Checker Concept for Sale Invoices:
  1. Implement a two-tier validation process to ensure accuracy and reliability of sale invoices.
  • Automatic E-invoice Generation & E-way Bill:
  1. Streamline the generation of electronic invoices for quicker processing.
  2. Automatically generate E-way bills for the seamless movement of goods.
  • Customers Payments Tracking:
  1. Monitor and track payments received from customers.
  2. Keep a real-time record of payment status.
  • Customers Advance Settlement with Sale Invoices:
  1. Allow customers to make advance payments and link them to specific invoices.
  • Customers Statement of Account:
  1. Provide customers with a comprehensive statement detailing their account activity.
  • Customers Ageing Report:
  1. Generate reports categorizing outstanding receivables based on their aging.
  • Collection Forecasting:
  1. Utilize data analytics to forecast and plan for future collections.
  • GST Reports:
  1. Generate reports related to Goods and Services Tax (GST) compliance.

By offering these features, your company ensures efficient management of accounts receivable, timely collections, and compliance with relevant financial regulations.

Order to Cash (O2C)

Fixed Assets (PPE) Overview:

Fixed Assets, also known as Property, Plant, and Equipment (PPE), represent long-term tangible assets that are essential for a company’s operations and not intended for immediate sale. Managing fixed assets efficiently is critical for businesses to ensure accurate financial reporting, compliance, and optimal utilization of resources.

Key Features of Fixed Assets (PPE) Management:

  • Capitalization of Assets:

              Effectively record and capitalize assets to accurately reflect their value on the balance sheet.

  • Forecasting and Processing of Depreciation:

              Forecast and process depreciation expenses systematically to align with accounting standards and financial reporting requirements.

  • Asset Retirement Management:

              Streamline the process of retiring assets, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and accounting standards.

  • Insurance Claim Tracking:

              Track and manage insurance claims related to fixed assets, facilitating timely reimbursement for damages or losses.

  • Budget and Forecasting of Fixed Assets:

              Develop budgets and forecasts for fixed assets to plan for future acquisitions and manage financial resources effectively.

  • Asset Maintenance Management:

              Implement a structured maintenance system to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of fixed assets.

  • Track and Chase Asset Movements:

              Monitor the movement of assets within the organization, ensuring accurate records and preventing unauthorized transfers.

  • Check Fixed Assets Register (FAR):

              Maintain an updated Fixed Assets Register (FAR) containing detailed information on all fixed assets owned by the company.

  • Dump Assets Reports:

             Generate reports on assets that have been disposed of or marked for disposal.

  • Retired Assets Report:

              Provide a report on assets that have reached the end of their useful life and have been retired.

  • Depreciation Report:

              Generate detailed reports on the depreciation of fixed assets, facilitating accurate financial planning.

  • CWIP Report (Construction Work in Progress):

              Track and report on the status of assets under construction, providing visibility into ongoing projects.

  • FAR and PV Data Report:

              Generate reports comparing Fixed Assets Register (FAR) data with Present Value (PV) data for reconciliation.

  • Reconciliation of FAR and PV Data:

              Perform regular reconciliations between Fixed Assets Register (FAR) and Present Value (PV) data to ensure data accuracy.

By providing these features, Ledgers24 offers a comprehensive Fixed Assets (PPE) Management solution, empowering businesses to maintain accurate records, comply with accounting standards, and optimize the lifecycle of their valuable assets.

Fixed Assets ( PPE)

HR & Payroll software is a comprehensive solution that helps organizations manage their human resources and payroll processes efficiently. Here are the key features of HR & Payroll software, along with the additional points you provided:

Key Features:

  • Employee Information Management:
  1. Centralized database for storing and managing employee information.
  2. Secure access controls to protect sensitive data.
  • Online Joining of New Employees:
  1. Streamlined onboarding process for new hires.
  2. Online forms and documentation submission.
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) Login:
  1. Employee portal for accessing personal information.
  2. Allows employees to view and update their details.
  • Employee Attendance with Geo-tracking:
  1. Efficiently monitor and oversee employee attendance.
  2. Utilizing geo-tracking to validate and confirm employee locations.
  • Import Attendance from Third-Party Software (Biometric):
  1. Integration with biometric systems for accurate attendance data.
  2. Seamless import of attendance records.
  • Leaves Management:
  1. Manage employee leaves, including tracking leave balances, approving leave requests, and generating leave reports.
  • Configurable Salary Components:
  1. Customize salary structures based on company policies.
  2. Easily adaptable to changing compensation components.
  • Daily/Monthly Salary Calculation:
  1. Automated calculation of daily and monthly wages.
  2. Consideration of overtime, bonuses, and deductions.
  • Salary Reconciliation Report:
  1. Detailed report reconciling various salary components.
  2. Ensures accuracy in payroll processing.
  • Investment Declaration:
  1. Allow employees to declare their investments for tax purposes.
  2. Ensure compliance with tax regulations.
  • Loan/Advance Management:
  1. Track and manage employee loans and advances.
  2. Automatic deduction of repayments from salaries.
  • Salary Slip Generation:
  1. Generate and distribute electronic salary slips.
  2. Detailed breakdown of earnings and deductions.
  • Expense Claim and Reimbursement:
  1. Streamlined process for employees to submit expense claims.
  2. Automated reimbursement processing.
  • PF/ESI/TDS Challan/PT/LWF for Return:
  1. Generate statutory compliance reports.
  2. Ensure compliance with provident fund, employee state insurance, tax deducted at source, professional tax, and labor welfare fund.
  • Full and Final Cycle:
  1. Manage the entire process when an employee leaves the organization.
  2. Calculate and process full and final settlements accurately.

Additional Points:

  • Streamlined and efficient HR and payroll processes:

               HR & Payroll for Post helps businesses automate and streamline their HR and payroll processes, saving time and resources.

  • Reduced errors and compliance risks:

              The solution’s automated processes and built-in compliance features help businesses reduce errors and ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations.

  • Improved employee satisfaction:

              Employees can access their HR and payroll information anytime, anywhere, and can submit requests and claims online, leading to increased employee satisfaction.

  • Enhanced data security:

              HR & Payroll for Post ensures that employee data is stored securely and protected from unauthorized access.

  • Scalable to meet changing needs:

              The solution can be easily scaled to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

These features collectively contribute to the efficiency and accuracy of HR and payroll processes, enabling organizations to manage their workforce and financial responsibilities effectively. The software ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and provides a user-friendly interface for both HR administrators and employees.

HRMS & Payroll

Production Planning and Controlling (PPC) Overview:

Production Planning and Controlling (PPC) is a crucial element in the manufacturing process that involves coordinating and managing various aspects to ensure a smooth, efficient, and cost-effective production cycle. It encompasses everything from planning and resource allocation to tracking and quality assurance.

Key Features of Production Planning and Controlling:

  • Create Purchase Requisition:

               Initiate the procurement process by generating requests for the necessary materials based on production requirements.

  • Create Purchase Orders (PR Based):

               Streamline the purchasing workflow by easily creating purchase orders based on approved requisitions.

  • Create Goods Received Note Through Purchase Order:

              Record the receipt of goods accurately by generating Goods Received Notes against corresponding purchase orders.

  • Issue Goods Against Different Requirements:

              Facilitate the issuance of goods for various purposes, such as fulfilling production orders or addressing specific operational needs.

  • Stock Ledger:

              Maintain a detailed stock ledger to monitor and manage stock movements and balances effectively.

  • Stock Valuation on Multiple Methods:

             Implement various stock valuation methods to accurately assess the value of inventory.

  • Multiple Plants, Warehouses With Storage Bins for Real-Time Material Control:

            Enable real-time control and monitoring of materials across multiple plants and warehouses, utilizing storage bins.

  • Daily/Monthly Summaries of Items/Item Groups:

            Generate regular summaries of item-wise and item group activities for informed decision-making.

  • Item Critical Levels (Reorder/Minimum/Maximum):

            Set and monitor critical levels for items to optimize inventory levels and avoid shortages or excesses.

  • Item Serial Number-wise Tracking:

            Enable detailed tracking of items through unique serial numbers for enhanced traceability.

  • Stock Register:

            Maintain a centralized stock register for accurate and up-to-date inventory records.

  • Manage Product-Wise Bill of Materials (BOM):

             Create and manage detailed Bills of Materials for each product, specifying required components and quantities.

  • Production Planning:

             Efficiently plan production activities, taking into account resource availability and customer demand.

  • Material Requirement Planning:

             Utilize Material Requirement Planning (MRP) to determine the materials needed for production, optimizing procurement processes.

  • Operations Wise Production:

             Organize and execute production processes based on different operations, ensuring a streamlined workflow.

  • Create Machinery , Labour & Operation Group for Production:

             Categorize and manage resources, including machinery, labor, and operations, for effective production planning.

  • Operation Wise Tracking:

            Monitor and track production progress at the operation level for better control.

  • Track Completion and Work in Progress Quantity:

             Keep track of completed production and work in progress to meet production targets and deadlines.

  • Technical & Quality Clearance:

            Incorporate processes for technical and quality clearance before the release of products.

  • Day-to-Day Production Tracking:

            Implement a system for real-time tracking of daily production activities for better visibility.

  • Manage Cost of Production:

            Accurately track and analyze production costs, enabling informed pricing decisions and cost optimization strategies.

Ledgers24’s Production Planning and Controlling solution empowers businesses to streamline production processes, optimize resource utilization, and enhance product quality, contributing to increased productivity and profitability.

Production, Planning and Controlling

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